Our 3-Step Approach

The Delta Summit Group Consulting Approach is designed to generate results in days and weeks, instead of months and quarters, by helping you quickly take advantage of your greatest opportunities, build momentum, and realize meaningful gains.

Step 1: Let's chat via phone, Zoom, or over coffee to discuss where you believe you have the greatest opportunities. We will share insights we have with those opportunities, and you can decide if you want to move forward with a no cost, no-obligation assessment. 

Step 2: We'll sign a NDA, request and analyze quantitative and qualitative data and schedule a real or virtual site visit with you and relevant team members to discuss the early findings, get your feedback, and make refinements for a proposal. No meeting prep required from you and your team.

Step 3: We'll prepare a proposal with project objectives, deliverables, scope, timeline, and consulting fees. Consulting fees are typically quoted "by project" or "by month" depending on deliverables. The fees are built with a conservative ROI expectation typically resulting in a minimum of 100%.

                                              Let the work begin!

Delta Summit Group

San Diego, CA, 92101, US